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Rogers Pump Company is an important part of the water well industry in the Fox River Valley providing residential pump service in the area.  Most rural households are not linked to the city water supply, and therefore must have a well.  In 1886, Charles Rogers began Rogers Pump Company with the installation of hand pumps for those with well water.  As the history of the pump industry evolved, so did the history and technology of the company.  Charles would often take his son Vernon Sr. with him on service calls when he was a child.  When the torch was passed, Vernon Rogers Sr. brought new and innovative technology to the table when he took over the family business.  Installation of jet pumps to supply customer’s homes with drinking water was now cutting edge!  As his father once did, Vernon Sr would also take his sons Chuck and Vern Jr. along on service calls. As pump technology and building codes changed, jet pumps were no longer meeting building codes ninety-nine percent of the time.  When Vern Jr. took over the company, he introduced the submersible well pump, which did meet building codes.  To add to the list of products and services Rogers Pump Company was already offering, Vern Jr. added water softeners to the mix.  Knowing that well water was naturally higher in mineral content or “harder” than municipal water, water softeners were a perfect complement and solution for well water customers.  Instilling the family trade, he too would take his son Andy along on jobs and eventually work side by side for many years.  Today, Rogers Pump Company, LLC is being run by its fourth generation

– Andrew “Andy” Rogers.

Meet Our Owner

Andy Rogers is Rogers Pump Company’s fourth generation owner.  He has more than 25 years experience in the water well industry.  Andy obtained his pump installer’s license in 1998 in Rhinelander, WI.  This license enables him to provide residential pump service, install all products, perform well inspections and water tests, as well as abandon illegal or contaminated wells.  Andy is also a member of the Wisconsin Well Water Association, Oshkosh Chamber of Commerce and the Better Business Bureau.

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